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Ametrine is a combination of amethyst + citrine. Ametrine aids in balance, concentration, and acceptance of others. It is also helpful for mental and spiritual clarity. Each stone is unique, yours may not be the same as pictured, we have used a temporary stock image until our custom product photography is finished. This listing is for 1 ametrine tumble (approx. 1").


The Pleiadian Altar LLC is not responsible for any liability or expenses resulting from the use of our products or services. Our products and services are metaphysical curios for entertainment and educational purposes only. We do not make any health, medical, etc. claims about these products in any way, and the purchaser assumes all liability. Our products and services are not to be a replacement for psychological, medical, financial, legal, or any other professional service or advice.

By purchasing from or contacting our business, you agree to be solely responsible for all actions and decisions made using our products, services, or information learned. You agree to completely hold blameless in absolutely indemnify The Pleiadian Altar LLC business, all employees and readers, and and websites and related sites from any and all liabilities and expenses. Due to the hand-made nature of some of our products, there may be differences in item size, color, shape, etc. from the images presented. All crystals are ethically sourced to the best of our knowledge. None of our products are intended for consumption. Please keep our products away from children and animals as they may pose choking or other health hazards. Our products are not intended for consumption or medical use, and have not been tested or approved for cosmetic use; use at your own risk.


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