Welcome to The Pleiadian Altar

917 Vine St, Unit B, Murray UT 8412 (Located behind Garden Espresso.)

Upcoming Events

Our Mission

Ethically Sourced

We work hard to ensure all crystals are fair trade and ethically sourced. This means no child labor, unsafe worker conditions, or underpaid staff from any imported products.

Many ethically sourced shops have steep prices; we choose to make everything affordable at our store.

Community Oriented

Our goal is to be a safe space for anyone, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, or culture. We regularly host classes and participate in community events across the valley.

We love working with small local businesses; we have a large collection of stones collected in Utah or around the world by Utahns, as well as a wide array of other metaphysical products.

No Gatekeeping

We don't keep secrets here. If you have questions, we're an open book. We would love to teach you about witchcraft any time; just shoot us a message or stop by!